Queer Strike

Queer Strike, Grassroots, multi-racial, lesbian, bi, trans, queer women’s group campaigning for our economic, legal and human rights; for payment for caring work, taking the money away from military budgets (over one trillion a year) for the essentials of life, and so that women everywhere can afford to make the sexual and other choices we want. We make visible lbtq+ women’s caring and survival work for our families and communities, which is often hidden because we can’t be out.  We are from different backgrounds and ages: single mums, sex workers, with disabilities, housewives, immigrants, students . . . from villages and cities, in Europe and countries of the South. Formerly Lesbian Bi Trans Queer in the Global Women's Strike and before then we were Wages Due Lesbians from 1975. We are part of the international Care Income Now! campaign.


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Telephone: 0207 482 2496

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Press release from Queer Strike: “When women are paid for all we do, there’ll be a lot of wages due . . .”

By Global Women's Strike | 2nd July 2024

Singer-song writer Gemma Rogers has re-imagined the song, “Wages Due”, written and originally sung by Boo Watson in 1975.  Released on Bandcamp, people are asked to pay what they can when they download the song.  We’re delighted that all proceeds will go to Crossroads Women.    Boo Watson was a founding member of Wages Due Lesbians in Toronto, Canada, and a talented musician. She composed and wrote the “Wages…

We denounce the gay Israeli Defense’s (IDF) soldiers

By Global Women's Strike | 1st February 2024

We denounce the gay Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) soldiers in this article https://www.jta.org/…/israeli-lgbtq-soldiers-hope-the… and all vicious Israeli pinkwashing. There is No Pride in the Slaughter of Others!  Palestinian people in Gaza being bombed, starved, and denied all human rights, will not care if the IDF soldiers killing them and their loved ones are gay or…

Statement: Remembering Maureen Colquhoun (1928-2021) with love and gratitude

By Global Women's Strike | 6th February 2021

The Wages for Housework Campaign, Queer Strike & the English Collective of Prostitutes For more information contact: 0207 482 2496 or gws@globalwomenstrike.net We were upset to hear of the passing of Maureen Colquhoun. Many of us who knew her and had worked with her really loved her. She had no airs and graces though she…

Statement: Open Letter to Birmingham Pride from 11 LGBTQIA+ Groups: Drop HSBC

By Global Women's Strike | 22nd May 2020

To Birmingham Pride, As LGBTQIA+ groups in the UK, we welcome your commitment to ensuring events for our communities continue during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the announcement of a ‘virtual pride’ on May 24th. An online pride event has the potential to bring people together across borders and time zones, in a celebration of LGBTQIA+…

Comment: The cost of opposing mines in Thailand’s rural heartland

By Global Women's Strike | 13th May 2020

Comment from Queer Strike: Article in the Thai Enquirer about communities in rural Thailand defending themselves, their families, the land and the environment vs harmful mining operations, and the repression they face. One of the activists is Sunthorn Duangnarong a trans woman defending her community who we posted about on 1 May . Please circulate…

Press: Lori Nairne, Oct. 23, 1951-Aug. 19, 2017: She leaves love in her wake

By Global Women's Strike | 5th September 2017

Lori Nairne, Oct. 23, 1951-Aug. 19, 2017: She leaves love in her wake September 5, 2017 A celebration of Lori Nairne’s life will be held at the Omni Collective – Omni Commons, 4799 Shattuck in Oakland – on Tuesday, Sept. 5, at 2:30 p.m. Lori Nairne, women’s, queer rights and anti-racist campaigner, nurse and homeopath,…

Statement: Lori Nairne, Presente!

By Global Women's Strike | 27th August 2017

Many of you may have already heard the shocking, sudden and sad news that Lori Nairne has died. We are all devastated. We loved Lori; she was our dear campaign sister and friend. Lori was a dedicated and active member of the Wages for Housework Campaign (WFH) since 1973 when she first met Selma James.…

The Big Issue: Love Not War

By Global Women's Strike | 21st February 2005

The Pink Paper: Caring Not Killing

By Global Women's Strike | 6th November 2001

Letter to The Guardian: Clause 28

By Global Women's Strike | 6th February 1998