We denounce the gay Israeli Defense’s (IDF) soldiers

We denounce the gay Israeli Defense Force’s (IDF) soldiers in this article https://www.jta.org/…/israeli-lgbtq-soldiers-hope-the… and all vicious Israeli pinkwashing. There is No Pride in the Slaughter of Others! 

Palestinian people in Gaza being bombed, starved, and denied all human rights, will not care if the IDF soldiers killing them and their loved ones are gay or straight. The LGBTQi+ movement has not fought for years for liberation from violence and discrimination, to be co-opted by gays in the Israeli military who are committing genocide against Palestinians, including queer Palestinians. They have blood on their hands the same as any IDF soldier and the Israeli government. 

As of 16 January of this year https://www.aljazeera.com/…/israel-hamas-war-in-maps… 24,285 Palestinians have been killed, including more than 9600 children and 6750 women with more than 8000 people missing, many dying/dead under the rubble. Over 61,154 injured. Thousands of Palestinians are dying from starvation, lack of water and disease…

Millions are watching the International Court of Justice where South Africa has charged Israel with genocide – they must be found guilty and forced to stop the war on Palestinian people, release Palestinian prisoners and get urgent aid to Palestinians in Gaza. 

We are part of the massive international antizionist movement protesting Israeli government apartheid and genocide against people in Gaza. There is no queer liberation without liberation of all people. 

Stop the bombing! Ceasefire Now! Free Free Palestine!