The Big One

Together with 60,000, we took part in XR's The Big One, four days of action 21-24 April, around Parliament to force the UK government to act on the climate emergency.

Day One: Unite to Survive – "Women Care" Speak Out

Diverse networks of mothers, grandmothers, other carers and people with disabilities spoke out on refusing poverty, the devaluing of caring and cuts in benefits, and the criminalisation of protests. The government wants to cut mothers’ and disabled people’s benefits, to force us “back to work” regardless of needs, wishes or poverty wages – stealing our survival entitlements to enrich fossil fuel polluters and other destructive industries. Raising children and coping with disability and ill-health is essential work which should be supported not punished.


Day Two: Earth Day – "Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Free Ourselves” Rally

On 24 April, Mumia Abu-Jamal turned 69 years old. He is one of the best-known political prisoners in the US and will have been inside 42 years for a crime he did not commit. His campaign for legal redress has been dealt another blow. On 3 April 2023, Judge Lucretia Clemons in Philadelphia dismissed the petition to hear evidence that had been withheld from the original defence team "lost" for 40 years - evidence that in other cases would have led to prisoner release. The Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Campaign in London is joining with others across Europe and the US, to redouble efforts to free Mumia.


Day Three: "Climate Justice = Migrant Justice"

Thousands of activists from across the UK gathered outside the Home Office, 23 April 2023, to hear why we must come together to oppose the Home Secretary's "Illegal Migrants Bill" and her detested Rwanda Plan. People deposited thousands of origami pink boats which had a template letter for MPs:

"Climate justice and migrant justice are inextricably connected. Of the 59.1 million people internally displaced in 2021 across the world, most were displaced by climate-related disasters. As the climate crisis worsens, as a result of actions of this government among others, more people will be forced to migrate. This Bill denies people who are fleeing for their lives a place of safety by increasing detention and arbitrarily denying people the right to apply for asylum."

20,000 origami boats were made and posted to MPs and Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

Hear from those directly affected why we must all oppose this repressive and dangerous legislation.

Pink boatd
PinkBoats floating -credit Rob Callender

Day Four: "March to end Fossil Fuels"

Planning groups we worked with during all four days included women from Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign; East London Unite Community; Justice for Bristol Protesters; Mothers’ Manifesto; Nanas Against Fracking; Newham Disability Reps Forum; Single Mothers’ Self-Defence; WinVisible (women with visible and invisible disabilities); Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike; XRUK programming; and individuals from around the UK as well as from Payday men’s network.

Placard making

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Taking Agroecology to scale: Learning from the experiences of Natural Farming in India

By Global Women's Strike | 18th May 2023

Learning from the experiences of Natural Farming in India, this new publication has been compiled by the Alliance for food sovereignty in Africa. Download a copy of it for free here below.

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GWS at XR’s The Big One, 4 days of action in Central London

By Global Women's Strike | 27th April 2023

Four days of action from 21 to 24 April brought together 60,000 people around Parliament to force the UK government to act on the climate emergency. On Friday – “Unite to Survive” day – diverse networks of mothers, grandmothers, other carers and people with disabilities spoke out on refusing poverty, the devaluing of caring and…

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Event this Friday – Join the Women’s Speak Out at XR’s The Big One

By Global Women's Strike | 19th April 2023

Friday 21 April, 1pm, Downing Street, London SW1A 2AA. XR’s The Big One – four days of actions 21-24 April to bring together 100,000 people around Parliament to get this government to act on the climate emergency. On Friday – “Unite to Survive” day – diverse networks of mothers, grandmothers, other carers and people with disabilities will…

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8 March: Andhra Pradesh Natural Farming comes to Kentish Town!

By Global Women's Strike | 24th February 2023

A Global Women’s Strike event for International Women’s Day 2023 Andhra Pradesh Natural Farming comes to Kentish Town! Wednesday 8 March, 5-7pm Kentish Town Library, 262-266 Kentish Town Road,London NW5 2AA     ALL WELCOME   SOLVEIG FRANCIS, based at Crossroads Women’s Centre, will report on her recent visit to the growing women-led farmers’ movement in Andhra Pradesh…

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Selma James in the Guardian: For peace in Haiti, first win the war on hunger

By Global Women's Strike | 20th January 2023

Your article on the Haiti crisis omits mention of the only Haitian government that people voted in by a landslide – twice. Headed by the former liberation theology priest Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti’s first democratically elected president, it uniquely focused on tackling poverty, supporting small farmers, building schools and hospitals, increasing the minimum wage and demanding justice…

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Selma James speaks at Oxford Real Farming Conference: A Care Income to Protect the Land, the People and the Natural World

By Global Women's Strike | 4th January 2023

Speakers: Selma James, Swati Renduchintala, Pranom Somwong, Dee Woods, Jyoti Fernandez. As mothers, carers, farmers/farm workers, land and human rights’ defenders, women do most of the work of feeding (starting with breastfeeding) and protecting families and communities, the soil and the environment. For doing this fundamental caring work of society, unwaged and low-waged, we are…

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Draft international petition: A care income for all caring work for people and planet

By Global Women's Strike | 3rd January 2023

Caring for others is the foundation of every society. Yet this work, done mostly by women, in the home, on the land and in the community, is devalued, unwaged or low waged, leading to poverty, dependence and endless work. The pandemic and above all the climate emergency have forced us to recognise that caring for and protecting people and the natural world must become the universal priority.

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Join us at Oxford Real Farming Conference, 4-6 Jan – Register now

By Global Women's Strike | 23rd December 2022

The Global Women’s Strike is speaking at two sessions of theOxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) 4-6 Jan 2023. We hope you can attend and tell others about the conference: three days of packed sessions, the first day online only, the following two in person & online. You can register for the online sessions HERE (free…

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Women and mothers of South Peasants Federation Thailand have said what a Care Income would mean to them as people who care for the family, the community, and the land:

By Global Women's Strike | 15th December 2022

A Care Income would mean:

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