Event: Theft from Africa – Workshop for Black History Month.

Women of Colour GWS tell the story of what the British and other empires stole from the African continent and its people. According to research, £7.5 trillion is owed by Britain to its former colonies for slavery. Is this an underestimate and if so what is the true cost of the theft of people and resources over generations? 

  • Counting the theft from Africa opens the question ofclaiming back what is owed to people of Africa and all of us from Global South. How have women and girls paid the highest price for the theft. 
  • Those of us fleeing climate destruction, poverty, war and corruption rooted in power of imperialism, are making the case for our right to be here based on what we are owed.  
  • How can we campaign together against areas of the Global South continuing to be ripped-off, polluted and destroyed, including as another source of green energy for richer countries, while being denied access to technology of our choice? This plunder has never ceased. Come and join the discussion.

Wed 25 October, 2023.  Kentish Town Library, London NW5 2AA. All welcome.

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