Watch our workshop with our sisters from Andhra Pradesh Community Managed Natural Farming

Speakers: Meerabi Chunduru, Swati Renduchintala, Vijay Kumar, Selma James. Chair: Jyoti Fernandes

In the last 20 years, in Andhra Pradesh, India, grassroots women in a secular movement of self-help groups are collectively transforming the food they grow, their families’ health, and increasing their income. They are the largest transition to agroecology in the world, simultaneously addressing rural livelihoods, nutritious food, biodiversity loss, soil degradation, climate change, water scarcity and pollution. Their True Cost Accounting measures social capital: collective action, trust and support, community cohesion (including confronting domestic violence). They are working to make available their effective climate resilient methods to other regions and cultures.

Link to our workshop, Women Feed the World, 4 January 2024.