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Global Women’s Strike is an international multiracial network campaigning for recognition and payment for all caring work for people and planet - a Care Income. It is co-ordinated by the International Wages for Housework Campaign launched by Selma James in 1972.

Selma James in Il Manifesto: «Per affermare il valore della cura, sciopero globale»

By Global Women's Strike | 26th November 2018

INTERNAZIONALE Intervista. La cura è un’attività umanizzante, si diventa un essere umano completo quando si rende l’altro centrale nel proprio operato, oggi gli uomini stanno imparando  Selma James Selma James, classe 1930, è un’autrice e attivista statunitense, da molti anni residente a Londra. Ha scritto insieme a Maria Rosa Dalla Costa «Potere femminile e sovversione…

Cardiff People’s Assembly hosting an event with Selma James, “Women Race and Class: Uniting Our Struggles”.

By Global Women's Strike | 23rd November 2018

Selma James – on struggles of women 21 Nov 2017 /Oindrila Gupta On 30th November, Cardiff People’s Assembly is hosting an event with Selma James, “Women Race and Class: Uniting Our Struggles”. men and women on a protest against austerity (picture credit: Cardiff People’s Assembly) Selma James, celebrated author and the founder of the international Wages for Housework…

“Universal Credit – a hostile environment for women”. Article in Morning Star.

By Global Women's Strike | 7th November 2018

SELMA JAMES AND SOLVEIG FRANCIS | TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6, 2018 Women are more likely to be single parents and carers, which is why the attacks on welfare under the universal credit policy have been an act of political misogyny, writes SELMA JAMES and SOLVEIG FRANCIS THE FURY against universal credit (UC), imposing destitution and even…

£1 trillion worth of unpaid housework, figures show

By Global Women's Strike | 12th October 2018

The article by Lindsey German of Counterfire with its juicy quote about “unpaid work” was passed on to me, and I was delighted to receive it. [It said:] “The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has estimated that the amount of unpaid household work carried out in the UK is worth £1.24 trillion a year. The value has…

Selma James in Hunger Magazine

By Global Women's Strike | 8th March 2018

Selma James in Hunger Magazine “READ THE MOST INSPIRING QUOTES FROM THE WOMEN OF HUNGER 14” “In the recent months what has happened is that women in prominent positions have complained about what they suffer, and that has been very useful. It can be even more useful when they include the rest of us in…

Equal Pay article by Selma James for What Women Want report

By Global Women's Strike | 8th March 2018

WHAT WOMEN WANT 2.0 EQUAL PAY: SELMA JAMES Co-ordinator of the Global Women’s Strike and author of Sex, Race & Class – The Perspective of Winning “[I want] wages for housework. Equal pay. Safety from violence and bullying.” Equal pay was a defining theme in the responses to the What Women Want 2.0 survey, showing…

Selma James discusses Julius Nyerere’s Tanzania

By Global Women's Strike | 6th March 2018

NGO crimes go far beyond Oxfam

By Global Women's Strike | 17th February 2018

We were so incensed by the way the scandal of Oxfam was being presented, and how the issue of the money collected and whether it reached people was not mentioned, that some of us wrote this letter to The Guardian. It gave us a chance to focus public attention on the way that Haitians in…

Media statement – Thailand must respect and promote human rights, end harassment and suppression of rights of “We Walk…Solidarity/Friendship” participants and supporters.

By Global Women's Strike | 30th January 2018

Dear Editor, Please find enclosed a Joint Media Statement by 52organisations, trade unions and groups, and also two individuals, from many countries including UK, US, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Myanmar and Bangladesh entitled, THAILAND MUST RESPECT AND PROMOTE HUMAN RIGHTS, AND END HARASSMENT AND SUPPRESSION OF RIGHTS OF “WE WALK…SOLIDARITY/FRIENDSHIP” PARTICIPANTS AND SUPPORTERS. Revoke summons…

Only the Rich are Unemployed

By Global Women's Strike | 22nd November 2017

I’m so tired of hearing Tories brag about how unemployment has gone down dramatically. We must remind them that under slavery there was no unemployment at all (except for the Masters class). The difference between slavery and wage labour is, they may remember, the little matter of the employed getting wages. But the wages of…