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Letter to editor: Child Tax Credit is saving Philly Families (Phila Inquirer)

By Global Women's Strike | 18th October 2021

We agree with Jeremy Jones (Oct 13): the improvement to the Child Tax Credit (CTC) “must be preserved and expanded.”  Mothers based at our Center have been writing, tweeting and calling elected officials, desperate to hold on to the payments.* One mother said, “The CTC has changed my life. For the first time I was able to…

#ChildTaxCredit Twitter Storm! Call/Tweet Congress and White House

By Global Women's Strike | 15th October 2021

📞 Call/Tweet Congress & Biden! 🐤
Thursday, October 13 Progressive Caucus, Speaker Pelosi, Senator Manchin, President Biden! Mothers & grandmothers say: We need the Child Tax Credit (CTC) for all our children!

Urgent: Mothers say Don’t Cut Child Tax Credit in Reconciliation Bill

By Global Women's Strike | 30th September 2021

Open Letter to Congress and the White House Dear Member of Congress: We are writing as mothers and primary caregivers – the ones who do the hard work of raising children. The Child Tax Credit has allowed us to put food on the table for our children everyday. We urge you: do not punish children…

Mothers say: We need the Child Tax Credit (CTC). We need it to remain fully refundable, made permanent, and paid directly to us.

By Global Women's Strike | 29th September 2021

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEFROM: CARE INCOME NOW! careincomenow@globalwomenstrike.netDATE: September 29, 2021 STOP PRESS: Senator Manchin Attacks Mothers! Senator Joe Manchin is attacking mothers and other unpaid caregivers. He is refusing to acknowledge our work! He is insisting that in order to receive Child Tax Credits mothers have to “get a job”. But raising children is work,…

Tell US Congress: Don’t cut the Child Tax Credit! ⚡ Twitter storm Wednesday

By Global Women's Strike | 29th September 2021

10am PT / 11am MT / 12noon CT / 1pm ET  Mothers say: We need the Child Tax Credit (CTC) for all our children, made permanent, and paid directly to us. The lives of millions of children have been dramatically improved as they are lifted out of poverty by their mothers receiving CTC. (See:…

Press statement: Mothers and others welcome the re-introduction of Worker Relief & Credit Reform Act

By Global Women's Strike | 23rd July 2021

Date: Friday July 23, 2021From: Care Income Now!/US (CIN!)*, coordinated by Global Women Strike and Women of Color/GWS  Unpaid family caregivers are workers! Mothers and others welcome the re-introduction of the Worker Relief & Credit Reform Act making unpaid caregivers and students eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit. Today, as US Congresswoman Gwen…

Unpaid Caregivers Participate in Child Tax Credit Awareness Day, and Press Policy Makers to Make the Child Tax Credit Permanent and Pay It to the Primary Caretaker

By Global Women's Strike | 21st June 2021

ISSUED BY: Care Income Now/US Care Income Now/US is participating in the Monday, June 21 Child Tax Credit (CTC) Awareness Day. Our multi-racial urban and rural network is releasing a letter calling on President Biden, Vice President Harris, elected officials, and the Treasury Department to make the credits a permanent child benefit payable by…

Press Statement: Child Tax Credits – Campaigners see our work bearing fruit, press for more

By Global Women's Strike | 9th June 2021

Press Statement re Child Tax Credits issued by the Wages for Housework Campaign which coordinates the Global Women’s Strike Child Tax Credits – children need it, mothers have earned it. Our international women’s network, which has been campaigning for nearly 50 years for payments for the vital unwaged caring work that mainly women do, welcomes…

Sign letter: We urge that Child Tax Credits go to mothers or other primary caregivers

By Global Women's Strike | 30th April 2021

Members of Congress, President Biden and Vice President Harris: We urge that Child Tax Credits go to mothers or other primary caregivers, leading to a permanent child cash benefit, and for the $15/hour minimum wage campaign promise to be honored. SIGN THE LETTER Seventy percent of the poor in the US are women and children.1…

Letter to NY Times: ‘Every Mother Is a Working Mother’

By Global Women's Strike | 26th April 2021

To the Editor: Re “Why Are We Worrying About Women’s Work?” (Opinion,, March 19): As a former Arby’s employee, I was glad that Elizabeth Bruenig questioned those who promote the importance of “standing behind the counter at Arby’s” over being a stay-at-home mother. Does forcing mothers on welfare to leave infants as young as…