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Mothers and other Caregivers Say, Our Children Are Hungry – Reinstate the Child Tax Credit Now!

By Global Women's Strike | 27th September 2022

Studies show that the majority of families used the Child Tax Credit to buy food. Reinstating the expanded refundable Child Tax Credit is needed to end hunger: Prioritize it!

As the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health convenes tomorrow – the first such conference in over 50 years – and as President Biden has pledged to end hunger and diet-related diseases by 2030, it’s urgent to call on elected officials to make reinstating the expanded Child Tax Credit a top priority.

Unwaged Caregivers join June 18th Poor People’s Campaign Mass Poor People’s & Low Wage Workers Assembly & Moral March on Washington DC

By Global Women's Strike | 16th June 2022

On June 18th mothers and other unwaged caregivers are joining with other poor, unwaged and low-waged workers and people of conscience to take part in the giant Poor People’s Campaign Mass Assembly in Washington, DC. Women and children make up 70% of impoverished people in the US. Though we are workers putting in long hours…

Work Requirements for Child Tax Credits Are An Insult to Mothers (Ms. Magazine)

By Global Women's Strike | 13th April 2022

Sen. Joe Manchin has been demanding “work requirements” for qualification—but every mother is a working mother, and every mother knows that.

URGENT! Tell Congress & the White House to Restore the #ChildTaxCredit Payments Now!

By Global Women's Strike | 6th March 2022

Children are suffering due to Senate inaction! ⚡ Twitterstorm Tuesday March 8, International Women’s Day ⚡ 11am-1pm PT / 2-4pm ETDefend the #ChildTaxCredit The #ChildTaxCredit in the Build Back Better plan helped more than 36 million families with children afford groceries and school supplies, pay bills and make ends meet. It lifted 3.7 million children…

Take Action: Child Tax Credit & Earned Income Tax Credit Awareness Day

By Global Women's Strike | 8th February 2022

Help get out the word that it’s not too late to get the rest, or all, of your 2021 Child Tax Credit (CTC) money, as part of a national day of action on the Child Tax Credit and Earned Income Tax Credit on Feb 8. What you can do:

Mothers and grandmothers speak out on what losing the Child Tax Credit has meant for their families

By Global Women's Strike | 3rd February 2022

“We’ll just be back in the poorhouse again, back where we started from. We will not get to go out on family outings. No snacks, no going out. No more Taco Tuesdays, no more movie night, no pizza night. I won’t get breaks. Less socks and shoes for the kids. The CTC was helping me catch up on my bills, but now I’m going to have to be starting all over again. Plus food prices went up, and food’s going up more. With the CTC being shut off, some people’s going to be hungry again. Five pounds of chicken wings is now $17.99. Toilet tissue’s doubled in price. It’s now 10 rolls for $10.99. Sodas were $2.98, to it’s now $6.99. That’s going to be a struggle because they ain’t upping your food stamps.”

URGENT! Tell the White House & Congress that Our Children Need You to Save the Child Tax Credit NOW!

By Global Women's Strike | 3rd February 2022

With the Senate failing to extend the Child Tax Credit (CTC) into 2022, families with children have not gotten a monthly check since December 15th and millions of children have been thrust back into poverty, millions of families have been hurt. But we cannot give up on extending the CTC, because the health and well-being of millions of children benefited from it. Vote for the CTC now! No work requirements! What job is more important than raising the next generation? Raising children is real work and moms and grandmas shouldn’t be required to get a “real job” to qualify. Children need the CTC and mothers and other primary caregivers have earned it.

Child Tax Credit Emergency Twitter Storm, Friday 14 Jan

By Global Women's Strike | 14th January 2022

URGENT ⚡ #ChildTaxCredit Twitter Storm ⚡ Friday January 14th  1-2PM ET, 10-11AM PT TAKE EMERGENCY ACTION TO PROTECT THE CHILD TAX CREDIT! For the past 6 months, the Child Tax Credit (CTC) has lifted millions of children out of poverty. Using present poverty measures it cut child poverty in half, decreased food insecurity by 1/3,…

Caregivers Participated in Mass Direct Action with the Poor People’s Campaign to Push US Senate to Pass Build Back Better, including extending the Child Tax Credit

By Global Women's Strike | 17th December 2021

A delegation from the Global Women’s Strike (GWS), Women of Color in the Global Women’s Strike (WOC/GWS) and Payday men’s network joined the Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival (PPC:NCMR) in doing mass non-violent civil disobedience in the nation’s capital on December 13 Moral Monday to press for passage in 2021 of the Build Back Better Act, and in particular for the continuation of the extended Child Tax Credit (CTC).

US Launch 11 Dec: Andaiye and Selma James, The Point is to Change the World & Our Time Is Now

By Global Women's Strike | 1st December 2021

Saturday, Dec 11, 2021 9am PST / Noon EST / 5pm GMT Register for online event Between the Lines Books in Toronto, City Lights Books in San Francisco, Eso Won Bookstore in Los Angeles, the Howard Zinn Book Fair, Marcus Books in Oakland, Pacifica Radio’s “Sojourner Truth”, Pacifica station WPFW in Washington DC, PM Press…