Caregiving is Work Congressional Briefing in DC, Tues 24 October

Please join us Tuesday in Washington DC! Also being live-streamed on Center for the Study of Social Policy Facebook page

Congressional Briefing and Press Conference, Caregiving is Work: Supporting mothers and other family caregivers through the Worker Relief and Credit Reform Act (WRCR) and beyond

October 24, 2023  9-10am Briefing, Rayburn House Office Building Room 2060 followed by
Press Conference, House Triangle, Washington DC

Featuring Rep. Gwen Moore (WI-4) and special guest Rep. Dwight Evans (PA-3)

Hear from directly-impacted family caregivers who would benefit from the WRCR Act and have benefited from the expanded Child Tax Credit, as well as policy experts.

Write and call your Congressional Representative to urge them to cosponsor the WRCR Act (HR 1468).

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Mothers and other unpaid caregivers are the bedrock of families and communities, and provide almost $1 Trillion of unpaid carework to their loved ones annually. Yet too many struggle in poverty because economic security programs neither recognize nor value our labor. Instead, many programs impose punitive and burdensome work or income requirements as a condition of support, making it hard, even impossible, to receive the financial assistance we need and deserve. The Worker Relief and Credit Reform (WRCR) Act provides a much-needed update to the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) by extending to caregivers of children, disabled and older people the financial support EITC provides. Low-income students would also be entitled. Please join us for a briefing with directly impacted people from across the US and other experts to hear how the WRCR Act, the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and other critical policies can support caregivers and strengthen families.