Tell Congress to Support Regenerative Agriculture! Farmers rally in DC March 6-8

Please join us in signing the petition linked below and in other ways supporting this important initiative by Farmers for Climate Action and Regenerate America. The Global Women’s Strike and Payday will be joining the DC rally under the banner of “A Guaranteed Care Income for People and Planet”.  The rally and march are on Tuesday March 7 (see LEARN MORE or at link below for full schedule of events).  Any who can, we’d love to see you there. 

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Subject: Petition to Regenerate AmericaHelp us get to 100K signatures encouraging congress to support Regenerative Agriculture!


Healthy soil is the foundation of a strong nation. It provides us with food, fibers, and fuel, and ensures the resiliency and longevity of our society. However, decades of industrial agriculture practices have destroyed our soils, accelerating climate change and decimating the health of our communities, local economies, and family farms. Americans are facing the impacts: increased food costs, water scarcity, declining health, and costly damages due to droughts, floods, and more.

It is time to hold Congress accountable for solutions. Regenerative agriculture is a key solution for our climate, health, and water crises, and the 2023 Farm Bill is the opportunity. Farmers and ranchers can regenerate our lands, but they need YOUR help to do it. 

Soil is our common ground and our common good, so click the button below to sign the #PetitionToRegenerateAmerica and demand that Congress support regenerative agriculture in the farm bill! 



Farmers and farmworkers around the country are experiencing the increasing impacts of a destabilized climate; but, many of them are also at the leading edge of developing climate solutions. 

We believe that federal policy needs to promote and encourage farmer-led climate solutions, from rebuilding healthy soils to increasing access to the funding and education necessary to get started on the pathway to regeneration.

From March 6-8, farmers, farm workers, and farmer allies will converge on Washington D.C. to urge Congress to make climate solutions a priority in the 2023 Farm Bill. 

If you believe in a healthy, abundant future for yourself, your family, and your community, join us (and hundreds of others) in D.C.

To learn more about events (which will include a rally and march, grazing demonstrations, press events, and a lobby day!) visit the link below. Together we can #RegenerateAmerica.


Global Women’s Strike (, Women of Color / Global Women’s Strike ( & Payday men’s network (