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US Social forum: Support the call of Haiti’s grassroots

GIVEN our debt to Haiti whose 1804 revolution led the way for the abolition of slavery in the Americas, defeating Napoleon’s Army, the most powerful of its day, and establishing the first Black republic; and

GIVEN that after the revolution Haiti gave refuge to Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Latin America, and gave him ships and fighters, and that Haiti intercepted slave ships and freed their human cargo; and


Dialogue with Nina, Selma and Maggie from Global Women’s Strike

Ece: In the recent past, we had the opportunity to follow the discussions around compensations paid to women for housework. Last March KEİG, one of the women’s organizations in Turkey, organized a symposium on policies concerning the reconciliation of family and work. Feminists, most of them from academia, from Spain, the UK, Sweden and France, were invited.

Gülnur: And Mexico.


Joan Armatrading – Protest at her concerts July-Aug

Just days after Israeli commandos murdered at least nine unarmed people on the Free Gaza Flotilla and wounded many others, Joan Armatrading played in Tel Aviv, lining her pockets with blood money, and ignoring calls from the Palestinian people and supporters around the world to respect the boycott.


Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders at Press Conference re Grim Sleeper arrest


Margaret Prescod takes mic from chief of police to credit decades of work by the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders including family members. Claiming credit: CA Attorney General Brown, LA Mayor Vilaraigosa, LAPD Chief Beck, Police Commission’s Mack, Councilman Parks, Sheriff Bacca …


US Social Forum resolution on child welfare

Poverty is Not Neglect and We are Not Powerless:
Mothers reclaim our children back from the child welfare industry.


Community member takes mic from LAPD chief

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In a not widely reported incident, at the press conference called by police and elected officials to announce the arrest of the "Grim Sleeper" suspect, a reporter asked to hear from Margaret Prescod, who founded the Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders in 1985, as well as to hear from some other family members. LAPD Chief Beck responded and was ready to go to the next question when Prescod took the mike and introduced herself to the crowd, much to the surprise of all officials present and to the delight of family and community members who quite liked what she had to say.


Haiti: Donate to self-organized communities through the Haiti Emergency Relief Fund (HERF)

Haiti: survival and reconstrucion

healthvisithaiti.jpgMost aid bypasses self-organized communities, usually led by women, in favour of big NGOs. That’s a major reason why, six months after the most devastating earthquake, water, food, shelter and medical supplies are still scandalously scarce. Only about 2% of the billions promised has been delivered.


Olympia Food Co-op Boycotts Israeli Goods - Now They Need Your Help!

Please urgently take a minute to sign the petition and send a sentence of support to the co-op board, and forward widely.

Olympia Food Co-op Boycotts Israeli Goods - Now We Need Your Help!