We Stand With Our Sister - Statement From The Haiti Action Committee

Stop The Attacks On Myrlande Liberis-Pavert and the Lavalas Movement
A Statement From The Haiti Action Committee

On Friday, January 17, it was reported by news agencies that a Haitian judge investigating the assassination of Jean Dominique, a crusading Haitian journalist who was killed in 2000, recommended the indictment of former Senator Myrlande Liberis-Pavert, a founder and former director of the Aristide Foundation for Democracy, along with eight others.


Sat 8 March: HAITI Benefit Gig




















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Joint protest against the Dominican Republic threatening to expel citizens of Haitian descent

image001.jpgMonday 2 December 2pm
Embassy of the Dominican Republic

139 Inverness Terrace Bayswater London W2 6TF

Called by Caribbean Labour Solidarity and other organisations


Message of support from GWS for action called by Haiti Action 19 November

Dear Haiti Action Committee

We are with you and the people of Haiti in this day of action against the Martelly/Lamothe government and their US supporters.

Yesterday and many times before, women, children and men in Haiti risked their lives to demonstrate against this corrupt government. Martelly was imposed on the population of Haiti by the US, just as the UN occupation was after the US coup that removed democratically elected and much loved President Aristide from power.


Safety of former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide

Since former president Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti, the US-appointed government of Martelly has tried to bring up bogus charges against him. Mr Aristide was ‘invited’ to attend court on 8 May and there were fears for his safety. The grassroots movement mobilised to protect him and asked for international support. The mobilisation on the ground was, once again, spectacular. In Britain John McDonnell MP issued the EDM 53 below. Given that the need for protection for Mr Aristide and the Haitian movement is ongoing, we urge you to ask your MP to sign EDM 53.

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