CNJ: “Bill is a move towards a police state”

27th November 2020

Camden New Journal 27 November, 2020 ‘This bill is a significant departure from natural justice and towards a police state.’  • TOM Foot’s November 19 report of the Undercover Policing Inquiry highlighted police surveillance in Camden. Women are giving evidence about abusive sexual relationships with police spies, and the Lawrence family about infiltration to discredit their justice…

Statement: End Police Rape, Brutality, Killings In Nigeria. #Endsars

4th November 2020

In blatant disregard for the lives of fellow African people, Nigerian police are attacking protesters, but we are heartened at the bravery and determination of people in the massive protests against police killing and brutality and the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS).  The movement in support of the uprising in Nigeria is growing worldwide. We are…

Event: How the Mangrove Nine Won

3rd November 2020

Available to watch until 11 January 2021 here:UK: https://bit.ly/36CsQimUS: https://bit.ly/2X5ieUK A fundraiser for Haiti Emergency Relief Fund How the Mangrove Nine Won Steve McQueen’s ground-breaking BBC1 Small Axe series has brought the story of the Mangrove Nine to public attention. Watch how their historic trial against police racism was won in two compelling accounts by protagonists:…

An anti-racist booklist for our times

18th October 2020

Sex, Race and Class – The Perspective of Winning A Selection of Writings, 1952-2011  Selma James    Foreword Marcus Rediker, Introduction Nina López    PM Press, 2012.  £12 “Selma James is a treasure . . . one of the key political thinkers and activists of our times.” Marcus Rediker, The Slave Ship. “It’s time to acknowledge…

CNJ: Calvin Bungisa: It’s time we had justice, says mother

15th October 2020

15 October, 2020 — By Bronwen Weatherby THE mother of a young man killed by a group of masked men last year said she missed her “lovely boy” every day as she described the devastation his death has wreaked on her family. In her first interview, Celine Nzuzi said the community needed justice for her son, Calvin…

Video: Sara Callaway Women of Colour speaking at Extinction Rebellion protest

14th September 2020

Statement: Malaysia, Inquests for all deaths of workers at workplace

24th August 2020

Prosecute for offences of killing and causing injury, not merely non-compliance of occupational safety and health requirements We, the 49 undersigned groups, organizations and trade unions demand that Inquests (Inquiries into death) be conducted for all deaths at workplace, to ensure that justice be done, and ensure that those responsible for the death of workers…

OPEN LETTER: Calling out Opportunists, Hijackers & Police in the movement

17th August 2020

The massive Black Lives Matter movement with its timely and urgent demands to end systemic racism is facing the threat of being diverted from its core demands. Attempts are being made to shift the focus onto manufactured issues that stereotype our communities, like “Black on Black” violence and knife/gang crime — code words for labelling…

Women’s Demands for Black Lives Matter Movement

24th July 2020

End Stop & Search. The most pervasive racist abuse by police: 375,588 s&s in England & Wales (2019), and a sharp increase during lockdown. Black people, especially children and young men, are 10x more likely to be s& than white people; Asian people x3 more. It humiliates, persecutes and interferes in daily life. Every mother…

Morning Star: ‘Juneteenth’ is our Freedom Day

19th June 2020

SARA CALLAWAY AND CRISSIE AMIS FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2020 Today we will celebrate the anniversary of our emancipation from slavery by joining the Poor People’s Campaign Digital Gathering, write SARA CALLAWAY and CRISSIE AMIS Coinciding with the anniversary of emanciptaion in the US, a remarkable wave of protests for racial equality has swept the globe…