Selma James’ message to Mumia, after news of the terrible Lucretia Clemons judgment that denied his latest appeal for legal redress.   

Dear Mumia,

It is painful to envisage your having to read this judgement where, once again, the evidence of your innocence is drowned in a racist class sadism. This is how the truth continues to be hidden. 

We know from your own example and writings that prisoners often win justice by becoming jailhouse lawyers for themselves and each other. Your struggle and the mass prisoners’ strikes of the last few years are wonderful examples of how the movement against mass incarceration is being led from inside. 

We love you, Mumia, because you fight for us and you inspire us to fight for you and all those inside who must be outside. The new level of power of the antiracist movement which has carried Black Lives Matter round the globe, and the struggle of women against every injustice – our own and our loved ones – must be reflected in winning your freedom and the freedom of all those who are inside as a result of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, the criminalisation of poverty and of the struggle against it and against every discrimination and exploitation. 

There is a move among lawyers in the UK and internationally to refuse to prosecute eco warriors. Lawyers must also refuse to prosecute those who confront police sexism, racism and other violence and are punished for it.

Mumia, you have never given up and we will never give up until you are out among us. Mumia, we love you.

On a move,

Selma James