Women of Colour in the Global Women's Strike

We are a network of African, Asian, Caribbean, Latina and Indigenous women in the Global Women Strike, campaigning against sexism, racism, poverty, war, ecological devastation, police violence, militarism, and justice for all beginning with asylum seekers, immigrants and women of colour.

We are part of the global BLM movement, focusing on Haiti, India, Palestine, Thailand and other countries in Global South. We demand a Care Income for all genders doing caring work, including for the survival of people and planet, funds to come from military budgets/corporations. Part of Global Women Against Deportations (GWAD) organising for refugee/immigrant rights.

Our contact details  

Telephone: 0207 482 2496

Recent News for Women of Colour in GWS

Why a retrial for Mumia Abu-Jamal is necessary…

By Global Women's Strike | 4th December 2022

On December 16, 2022, Judge Lucretia Clemons (Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas)  Will Hold the Final Hearing Where She Will Grant or Deny Formal Review of New Exculpatory Evidence, Abu-Jamal’s Best Chance at a New Trial Prepared by Dr. Johanna Fernandez (jfernandez1202@gmail.com) and Ira Arlook iarlook@gmail.com [1] J. Patrick O’Connor, The Framing of Mumia Abu-Jamal (Chicago: Lawrence Hill Books, 2008):…

Haitian women mobilize against government violence

By Global Women's Strike | 28th November 2022

Powerful statement by Haitian women taking to the streets against government violence and massacres.  Please share widely. https://peoplesdispatch.org/2022/11/24/haitian-women-to-mobilize-on-november-25-against-political-violence/ Haitian women mobilize on November 25 against political violence Amid an increase in political violence and human rights violations, Haitian women of all backgrounds denounce violence against women by the governments of Ariel Henry and his Dominican…

United Friends & Family annual march, Sat 29 Oct, 12 noon

By Global Women's Strike | 28th October 2022

We’re joining the annual march again this Sat 29 Oct, assemble 12 noon, Trafalgar Sq.   Please come to support and let your networks know. Look out for our banner. More info here:  https://4wardeveruk.org/2022/10/uffc-announce-the-2022-annual-rally-demonstration/

Free Mumia! Key hearing 26 Oct, Philadelphia

By Global Women's Strike | 25th October 2022

Dear Friends, PACKING THE PHILADELPHIA COURT This Wednesday 26 Oct in support of Mumia Abu-Jamal An important hearing is being held 26 Oct that could lead to reopening Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case, establish his innocence and secure his release. v  Links to court live-stream & what you can do: linktr.ee/mumia v  More info from Love Not…

Haiti: Fri 21 Oct. Stop US-Canadian intervention, 4-5pm

By Global Women's Strike | 21st October 2022

HANDS OFF HAITI! Friday 21 Oct 2022  4-5pm High Commission of Canada, Canada House, London SW1Y 5BJ Called by Caribbean Labour Solidarity. See more info: Haiti Action Committee Support Haiti’s Popular Movement by donations to Haiti Emergency Relief Fund. No to US and UN military intervention in Haiti • US Stop Supporting Ariel Henry and…

Haiti Action Committee Condemns Calls for Expanded Foreign Military Intervention in Haiti

By Global Women's Strike | 21st October 2022

From Haiti Action <action.haiti@gmail.com> SF/Bay Area! Come Out To Protest Expanded Foreign Military Intervention in Haiti October 26th, 4pm  San Francisco Federal Building 90 – 7th Street, San Francisco Turning to the UN Security Council, the OAS, and the US government to “stabilize” the crisis in Haiti is like pleading with arsonists to quell the fire they…

Free Assange Human Chain: Surround Parliament on Saturday 8 October.

By Global Women's Strike | 5th October 2022

A number of us will participate in this action in defense of Julian Assange organised by the Don’t Extradite Assange Campaign on Saturday 8 October. See their mailing below. Hope you can join us there. Will you be the next link in our Human Chain to Free Assange? We have 3549 links out of an…

Statement: White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, 28 Sept 2022

By Global Women's Strike | 28th September 2022

Statement from the Global Women’s Strike, Women of Color/GWS and Care Income Now! To reach President Biden’s goal of ending hunger by 2030, the poverty of mothers, other primary caregivers and those caring for the land must be eliminated. We call for an expanded fully-refundable Child Tax Credit paid monthly and directly to mothers/ primary…

Mothers and other Caregivers Say, Our Children Are Hungry – Reinstate the Child Tax Credit Now!

By Global Women's Strike | 27th September 2022

Studies show that the majority of families used the Child Tax Credit to buy food. Reinstating the expanded refundable Child Tax Credit is needed to end hunger: Prioritize it!

As the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health convenes tomorrow – the first such conference in over 50 years – and as President Biden has pledged to end hunger and diet-related diseases by 2030, it’s urgent to call on elected officials to make reinstating the expanded Child Tax Credit a top priority.

Race and Wrongful Convictions in the US, published by the National Registry of Exonerations.

By Global Women's Strike | 4th September 2022

Download the report here…