Care Income leaflet for 2023 Oxford Real Farming Conference

A Care Income for People and Planet

A guaranteed income for all who do the work of caring for people, the soil & the natural world.

See exciting news of a natural farming movement in Andhra Pradesh, India, led by women’s self-help groups. Regenerating the soil, if widely practised, can stop and even reverse global warming. The key state adviser advocates an income for this work for humanity.

Watch 2 min video about Andhra Pradesh

More info: Tel: 020 7482 2496 Twitter: @WomenStrike @wocgws

Campaigning for an income for all who care for people, the soil and the natural world can:

• Strengthen the movement against environmental destruction & global warming • Address poverty & other injustice suffered by those, overwhelmingly women, who do this work unwaged or low-waged • Redirect economic & social priorities internationally towards nourishing food (starting with breastfeeding), clean water & air, and the care & protection of all life • Encourage all genders & identities to commit to this lifesaving life-enhancing work.


“With the climate emergency, we are looking again at how we live, what we produce, how we relate, and how the hierarchies among us of sex, race, wealth, nationality…divide us. We need a caring perspective involving all of us, not a technocratic plan.” UK/US

“It’s getting hotter – 50C! People are fighting against mining companies, including British, iron, coal, uranium, polluting land and water. They steal water from village areas and cut down trees. Adivasi and Dalit women are campaigning strongly against the companies in forest areas. We need a care income.” INDIA

“As domestic workers we campaign for a living wage for caring work in our homes and the homes of others – a care income.” PERU

“Women are relied on for the welfare of families and communities, our land and its natural resources. We do a triple day: 14-hour days as unwaged carers in the home; low-waged workers providing for families; and defending the environment from corporations and their States. Governments must recognize all this caring work by paying all mothers and primary carers.” THAILAND

“The Care Income urges us to demand that the constitution be updated, so all doing this work, of whatever gender, are afforded the dignity of the financial support they deserve.” IRELAND