11 Dec: Protecting Breastfeeding from state intervention

From Legal Action for Women:

Dear Friends,

Protecting breastfeeding from State intervention (family courts, detention centres, hospitals, prisons, etc.)

We thought you would like to know about an important meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Infant Feeding & Inequalities on Tuesday 11 December 2018.  See agenda here.

Solveig Francis and Shoda Rackal from Milk of Human Kindness and members of the Support Not Separation coalition will be presenting.  As you may know, despite the wealth of evidence on the importance of breastfeeding, there is no protection for mothers and babies in the kind of situations indicated above, no requirement for those making decisions over children’s futures to protect their right to being breastfed, and to avoid the trauma of separation, which interrupts or ends breastfeeding.  Breastfeeding has even been used as evidence against the mother, and to give fathers overnight contact while the child is still breastfeeding.

You are welcome to attend the meeting which will be held in Committee Room 8, Portcullis House (entrance on Victoria Embankment around the corner from Westminster tube).  The meeting starts at 1pm – aim to arrive by 12.50 (after allowing 30 mins to go through security) when we will be escorted to the room.

We would welcome any personal stories about this problem that we might be able to raise. Of course any account will be kept anonymous.

Please let us know if you can come (especially as the meeting room can change at short notice).


0207 482 2496