Action Alert! Call on Biden/Harris Campaign to Expand Support for All Caregivers

from Election Action for Caregivers:

Take action to ask Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris to strengthen their support for caregivers. 

There are over 53 million unpaid family caregivers in the US, plus 11 million stay at home parents. It’s URGENT that the Biden/Harris Campaign recognize this essential work with fully-refundable tax credits. Ask that they express their support in the Presidential and VP Debates.


1.     Please tweet Biden/Harris from your personal and organizational Twitter accounts.


Vice President @JoeBiden & Senator @KamalaHarris: Please expand your support for paid/unpaid caregivers. Recognize these essential workers with fully refundable tax credits. This support would be a boost and incentive for many voters.

Additional tweets: add something about your situation as this caregiver did –

I am a single parent and later a caregiver for elderly friend and for my mother. This extremely difficult work is so often unpaid and unrecognized. @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris Now is the time to expand your support to include all caregivers! Read letter here:

Images for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram also available here.

2.     SIGN the Letter. Please can you/your organization Sign on to letter requesting the Biden/Harris Campaign strengthen support for caregivers.  With only 4 weeks until the election, help build this mobilization that can bring in voters who have been overlooked.

Thank you,

Margaret Prescod, Global Women’s Strike/US co-coordinator and Women of Color/GWS and Peggy O’Mara, former editor and publisher Mothering magazine for Election Action for Caregivers

Contact:   267-636-0508

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