Child Tax Credit Emergency Twitter Storm, Friday 14 Jan

URGENT ⚡ #ChildTaxCredit Twitter Storm ⚡ Friday January 14th  1-2PM ET, 10-11AM PT


For the past 6 months, the Child Tax Credit (CTC) has lifted millions of children out of poverty. Using present poverty measures it cut child poverty in half, decreased food insecurity by 1/3, and raised the standard of living for families across the country.

But families are not getting a CTC check this month because the Senate didn’t pass the Build Back Better Act and extend the CTC into 2022.

To deny mothers whose caregiving work is keeping families and society afloat the money they need to ensure the survival and welfare of their children is cruel and discriminatory.  To ask those who working the hardest, including grandmothers, to fulfill “work requirements” in order to be eligible as Senator Manchin of West Virginia and others have proposed, is insulting and disgusting.

Don’t let our children go hungry. Millions of families are affected but those most impacted by this failure include families headed by single mothers, in rural communities, Black, Latinx, Indigenous and immigrant families.

Tell President Biden, Vice President Harris, and members of the Senate that our children need you to keep fighting! Tell them: we’re counting on you to find a way to pass the Child Tax Credit. Continue to uplift children’s well-being in 2022. As Senator Bennet (D, CO) said, ‘It’s hard work just to raise a child.’ And the poorer we are the harder that work is. Children need the CTC and mothers have earned it.

URGENT: let President Biden, VP Harris, & the Senate know children need you to pass the Child Tax Credit. Call-in info & Sample tweets below

Call Senators TODAY:
► 2 Senators representing your state. Find your senators by entering your zip code at find your member of Congress or call the Capitol Switchboard 202‑224‑3121.
► Sen. Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader 202-224-6542  @SenSchumer
► Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT)  202-224-5141 @SenSanders
► Sen. Joe Manchin (WV)  202-224-3954  @Sen_JoeManchin

Call the White House TUESDAY to THURSDAY, 11am-3pm ET 202-456-1111

Mothers and grandmothers speak out on Child Tax Credit

“The CTC really had an impact on our quality of life, as a single mom of a young daughter, caring for two elderly parents, and fighting to regain custody of my two older children.” 

Immigrant mother, Philadelphia, PA  (video in English and Spanish)

“The CTC has helped me pay the bills, keep cable on for my three grandchildren, buy them clothes and take them to the amusement park. If I had had CTC earlier, child welfare might not have taken my nieces from me.” 

Grandmother, Philadelphia, PA  (video)

“As a single mom in California with high rent fees, high gas prices, the CTC really helps bring financial stability to my household. It’s been a blessing to have my children see me more stress free.

Mother (video)

“The CTC has changed my life. For the first time I was able to pay my gas and electric bill and my rent at the same time. I’ve spent more time with my kids.” 

Mother, Altoona, PA (video)

“My sons have a rare genetic disease. I had to quit my job & move to another city; close to hospital. These last few months the Child Tax Credit has been relieving some of my stress. If Congress adds a work requirement, my family wouldn’t qualify.”

Mother from NC (tweet)

Twitter Storm Friday, January 14th
1-2pm ET, 10-11am PT
Tweet anytime but especially during this hour. Sample tweets below.

Hashtags: #WheresMyCheck, #ChildTaxCredit, and #BuildBackBetter

#ChildTaxCredit helps ease burden of rising costs, critically-needed support to millions of families every month. Until White House & Congress pass #BuildBackBetter, #CTC checks won’t be sent, 65 million kids will lose out. @POTUS @VP @SenateDems don’t let CTC slide!

#ChildTaxCredit changes lives. “For the first time ever I was able to pay my gas & electric bills & rent at the same time.” Mother of 5 Altoona PA. #WheresMyCheck? Extend #CTC by passing #BuildBackBetter! No work requirements @Sen_JoeManchin! @POTUS @VP @SenSchumer @SenSanders

#ChildTaxCredit lifts millions of children from poverty. White House & Senate must extend #CTC, don’t throw children into poverty! “CTC helped me pay bills, keep cable on for my grandchildren & buy them clothes.” Grandmother, Philly PA @POTUS @VP @SenSanders @Sen_JoeManchin

Mother of 2 says: “As a single mom in CA w high rent & high gas prices #ChildTaxCredit brings financial stability to my household.” #WheresMyCheck? This is why White House & Congress must pass #BuildBackBetter! #ProtectTheCTC @JoeBiden @VP @SenSchumer @SenSanders @SenatorBennet

All immigrant families must get #ChildTaxCredit – including children w ITINs. “The #CTC really had an impact on our quality of life, as a single mom of a young daughter, caring for 2 elderly parents.”  Immigrant single mother in Philly @POTUS @VP @SenSchumer @SenSanders

Across the U.S., the #ChildTaxCredit has helped more than 36M families afford groceries, pay bills & make ends meet. The bills come monthly and so should the checks. #WheresMyCheck White House & Senate, pass #BuildBackBetter extending #CTC now! @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SenSanders

The extended #ChildTaxCredit must pass as part of #BuildBackBetter. #CTC cut child poverty ½, decreased food insecurity by ⅓, raised standard of living for families across US. Don’t throw children into poverty! @POTUS @VP @SenatorBennet @SenSchumer

✅Pass #BBB with #ChildTaxCredit
✅Permanent full refundability. Don’t punish poor kids.
✅Include ALL immigrant families
✅Make permanent & paid directly to mothers/primary caregivers
❌No work req – raising children is already work. @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SenSanders

Extend & keep #ChildTaxCredit fully refundable in #BBB – don’t punish poor kids! Nearly ½ Black & Latinx families & 70% of households headed by single mothers/female guardians were excluded before this year. #ProtectTheCTC @POTUS @VP @SenSanders @SenSchumer @SenatorBennet

White House & Senate must ensure children are not thrown into poverty. Pass #ChildTaxCredit NOW! And we need a permanent child benefit paid directly to mothers/primary caregivers! @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SenSchumer @SenSanders @SenatorBennet @SenSherrodBrown

Children need it, mothers have earned it: defend the extended #ChildTaxCredit. We need a permanent child benefit paid directly to mothers/primary caregivers. #ProtectTheCTC #CareIncomeNow @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SenSchumer @SenSanders @SenatorBennet @SenSherrodBrown

86% of persistent poverty counties are rural. And rural children of color are disproportionately poorer. @Sen_JoeManchin @JoeBiden stop throwing our kids under the bus! Caring for children & families is vital to all. Pass #BBB extending #ChildTaxCredit NOW, no work requirements!

👉 Also sign our letter to President Biden, VP Harris and Congress  endorsed by over 70 organizations, including the Coalition on Human Needs, Shriver Center on Poverty Law, the Women’s March Foundation, the Thomas Merton Center, Mother’s Outreach Network and over 290 individuals:

“We urge that Child Tax Credits go to mothers or other primary caregivers, leading to a permanent child cash benefit, and for the $15/hour minimum wage campaign promise to be honored.”

Issued by Care Income Now