Event: Meet the brave Colombian women campaigning against state murders

We are delighted to welcome Jacqueline Castillo and Rubiela Giraldo from MAFAPO (Madres de los Falsos Positivos) a courageous network of mothers and other women fighting for justice for over 6,402 innocent civilians murdered by the Colombian state, in a campaign of atrocities known as “Falsos Positivos”.

As millions across the world demonstrate for a ceasefire in Gaza, it is even more urgent to hear how women in Colombia are confronting decades of horrific violence from a militarised state; to share information about the movement against war and state violence in the UK and elsewhere; and discuss how we can work together across national boundaries.

13th November, 12-1.30pm, Crossroads Women’s Centre, London NW5 3DX.

Organised by: MAPAFO International, Global Women’s Strike (GWS) & Women of Colour GWS

Please confirm if you’re coming: Tel: 0207 482 2496 or email: womenofcolour@globalwomenstrike.net & gws@globalwomenstrike.net. Follow Mafapo here on Twitter.

Jacqueline Castillo and Rubiela Giraldo are in Britain for a week and will be speaking at the following venues in London, Manchester and Edinburgh.