Event: Whistleblowing, Dissent, Accountability Int’l festival


Join distinguished international speakers

  • Sami Al-Arian, Academic
  • Michael Albert, Author and activist
  • Mads Andenæs, Lawyer
  • Diani Barreto, Painter and activist
  • Somerset Bean, Graphic designer
  • Max Blumenthal, Investigative journalist and author
  • Jonathan Cook, Journalist and author
  • John Christensen, Tax justice campaigner
  • Eileen Chubb, Whistleblower and founder of Compassion in Care
  • Marjorie Cohn, Lawyer, academic and writer
  • Michel Collon, Author and journalist
  • Naomi Colvin, Whistleblower advocate
  • Sevim Dagdelen, Politician and German MP
  • Clare Daly, Politician and Irish MEP
  • Viktor Dedaj, Author and activist
  • Kareem Dennis (Lowkey), Rapper and activist
  • John Doe, Hacktivist
  • Davide Dormino, Sculptor
  • Suelette Dreyfus, Technology researcher, journalist and writer
  • Rod Driver, Writer
  • Daniel Ellsberg, Pentagon Papers whistleblower
  • Andrew Feinstein, Writer, campaigner and former politician 
  • Denzil Forrester, Artist
  • Marianna Fotaki, Academic and public health expert
  • Andrew Fowler, Investigative journalist
  • Nathaniel Frank, Source protector and facilitator
  • Nathan Fuller, Writer and campaigner
  • John Furse, Filmmaker
  • George Galloway, Politician, broadcaster and writer
  • Chamira Gamage, Campaigner and entrepreneur
  • Martin Garbus, Attorney and author
  • Cristina Godoy-Navarrete, Human rights activist
  • Kevin Gosztola, Journalist and filmmaker
  • Deepa Govindarajan Driver, Academic and trade unionist
  • Tareq Haddad, Writer and investigative journalist
  • Nicky Hager, Author and investigative journalist 
  • Jeremy Hammond, Hactivist
  • Charles Hector, Lawyer and human rights activist
  • Nancy Hollander, Lawyer
  • Selma James, Writer and activist
  • Lissa Johnson, Psychologist and writer
  • Eva Joly, Lawyer and former magistrate and politician
  • John Jones, Journalist
  • Ögmundur Jónasson, Politician and former interior minister of Iceland
  • Torsten Jurell, Visual artist
  • Peter Kennard, Artist and professor of visual art
  • Kate Kenny, Academic specialising in whistleblowing
  • John Kiriakou, Author and CIA whistleblower
  • Niki Konstantinidou, Screenwriter, lawyer and novelist
  • Niels Ladefoged, Filmmaker
  • Richard Lahuis, Photographer
  • Joe Lauria, Journalist and author 
  • Lisa Longstaff, Women’s rights activist
  • Clara López Rubio, Filmmaker
  • Lauri Love, Activist and technology expert
  • David McBride, Lawyer and whistleblower
  • Ray McGovern, Activist and former CIA officer
  • Alan MacLeod, Journalist
  • Franck Magennis, Lawyer and activist
  • Stefania Maurizi, Investigative journalist
  • Barbara Meister, Journalist and author
  • Nils Melzer, Lawyer
  • David Miller, Academic
  • Federica Morelli, Journalist and activist
  • Moritz Mueller, Journalist
  • Iain Munro, Academic
  • Craig Murray, Author, journalist and human rights activist
  • Fidel Narvaez, Human rights activist
  • Peter Oborne, Journalist
  • Mohamedou Ould Slahi, Former Guantanamo detainee, engineer and writer
  • Iain Overton, Investigative journalist
  • Jose Passarelli, Filmmaker and animator
  • Juan Passarelli, Filmmaker
  • John Pilger, Journalist and author
  • Margaret Prescod, Author and radio host  
  • Sami Ramadani, Academic and anti-war activist
  • Afshin Rattansi, Journalist
  • Margaret Ratner Kunstler, Attorney and author
  • John Rees, Anti-war activist and journalist
  • Piers Robinson, Academic
  • Stephen Rohde, Writer and political activist
  • Maggie Ronayne, Academic, trade unionist and women’s rights campaigner
  • John Russell, Academic and artist
  • Arne Ruth, Retired editor
  • Justin Schlosberg, Academic and media activist
  • Prem Sikka, Academic and tax justice campaigner
  • Norman Solomon, Journalist
  • Jeffrey Sterling, Lawyer and CIA whistleblower
  • Serena Tinari, Investigative journalist
  • Fred Turnheim, Journalist and academic
  • Cathy Vogan, Journalist and academic
  • Sam Weinstein, Social justice campaigner and trade unionist
  • Chris Williamson, Politician
  • Asa Winstanley, Journalist
  • Andy Worthington, Journalist
  • NHS Whistleblower
  • Probation Whistleblower
  • Support Not Separation

Times, speakers and how to participate: www.whistleblowingfest.org

Organised by the Centre for Global Justice, Peace and Accountability

Global Women’s Strike panel:
Sex, Race & Class – blowing the whistle on the criminality of the state

Time: 16:45 – 18:15 BST   Online speakers & discussion
Participate here: https://gavin.whistleblowingfest.org

·       Selma James, Wages for Housework Campaign & Global Women’s Strike – A care income for people and planet vs policies of poverty and destruction

·       Anne Neale, Support Not Separation (UK) – Mothers and children vs the family courts and the ‘child protection’ industry

·       Margaret Prescod, Women of Colour-GWS (US) – Today’s Black Jacobins vs the USA: supporting the grassroots Haitian movement 

·        Maggie Ronayne, GWS (Galway Ireland) and trade unionist – The fight for pay equity vs class divisions among women

Also recommended:When the oppressors control the law 14:00 – 15:45 BST
Participate here: https://gavin.whistleblowingfest.org

Speakers include:

·       Charles Hector, human rights lawyer defending Malaysian villagers vs corporate loggers’ pollution and destruction

·       Sam Weinstein, Payday men’s network UK – Blowing the whistle on prisons: UK & US

See also forthcoming Webinar:

12 May 2021, 19:00 – 20:30 BSTSolitary Confinement is a Crime, more info at www.refusingtokill.net