Fuel Poverty Action: Energy for all petition. Join us today on Downing Street at 1pm.

#EnergyForAll means giving everyone a free amount of energy – that is enough energy, free, to cover the basics like heating, cooking, and lighting – to give us all the security we need, taking account of people’s actual needs related to their age, health, and housing. They already have over 600,000 signatures demanding a universal basic energy guarantee. A number of us have signed but more signatures are welcome.

Join us this Wednesday 1pm

This coming Wednesday we will be handing in our Energy for All petition at Downing Street which already has over 600,000 signatures. Energy for All is radical demand for a a universal basic energy guarantee that ensures everyone in the country has enough energy for heating,cooking and lighting. Am sure you are aware that in our current system those who use more energy pay less per unit that than those who use less. This is not only bad for the environment but also unfair. Energy for All fixes this while ensuring everyone’s needs are met.

We’re inviting all our supporters to come along to wave banners/flags bring placards saying “Energy for All” and some chants.

We will be assembling by the George V statue in Parliament Square where there will be speeches from a number of activists and MP’s which includes Clive Lewis, Rebecca Long Bailey and Caroline Lucas just to name a few.

We will then march up to Downing Street to present the petition to Liz Truss.

The meeting place in the George the V Statue in Parliament Square Wednesday the 19th at 1PM

We hope to see you there

Community Organiser
Fuel Poverty Action