Global Women's Strike

Global Women’s Strike is an international multiracial network campaigning for recognition and payment for all caring work for people and planet - a Care Income. It is co-ordinated by the International Wages for Housework Campaign and was launched by Selma James in 1972.

Video: Wages for Housework: 50 years of campaigning – Selma James, founder of the WFH Campaign, in conversation with Margaret Prescod, co-founder Black Women for Wages for Housework

By Global Women's Strike | 25th March 2022

Novara Media: Correction request re Wages for Housework Campaign article

By Global Women's Strike | 24th March 2022

Dear Novara Media, Re https://novaramedia.com/2022/03/21/the-wages-for-housework-campaign-is-as-relevant-as-ever/ The article by Sophie Rosa, published on 21 March, grossly misinforms about the Wages for Housework Campaign which is celebrating 50 years of uninterrupted campaigning this year. It jumbles together academics past and present, avoiding the concrete struggles our international grassroots network has been making in the Global South and…

Ham & High: ‘We’ve put caring on the agenda’: Selma James on Wages for Housework campaign

By Global Women's Strike | 18th March 2022

Frankie Lister-Fell0 Published: 3:32 PM March 18, 2022 Selma James outside of the previous Crossroads Women’s Centre – Credit: Archant I meet Selma James at Kentish Town’s Crossroads Women’s Centre on what feels like the first day of Spring. She was described to me as a “force of nature”, and on first impression she is, but a force that…

Press release – Wages for Housework at 50: isn’t it time for a care income?

By Global Women's Strike | 17th March 2022

PRESS RELEASE: Celebrating 50 years of campaigning to put unwaged caring work on the agenda: isn’t it time for a care income? Throughout 2022, the International Wages for Housework Campaign (WFH) is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a programme of events online and in person. They will showcase organising done in different countries, evaluate what…

Camden New Journal: Carers quizzed in global survey

By Global Women's Strike | 10th March 2022

What Mothers and Other Caregivers Want – an International Survey

By Global Women's Strike | 9th March 2022

For the first time unwaged caregivers in different countries and cultures, and of different genders, will be asked for their views on caregiving, the most important work of society.

Thai Women Human Rights Defenders Collective statement on International Women’s Day

By Global Women's Strike | 8th March 2022

8 March 2022, International Women’s Day  #BreaktheNPOLawtoBreaktheBias 111 years ago, women in Russia, the United States of America, Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland banded together to form groups and take to the street. Their organization and struggles have ensured that we are not made to do more than eight hours of waged work a day,…

Women’s organisations internationally must support women in Myanmar

By Global Women's Strike | 8th March 2022

90% of garment workers in Myanmar are women, the primary carers of children and others. Their unions are calling for fashion brands to act urgently and cease all production in Myanmar to weaken the military dictatorship and force it to step down. Over 170 organisations internationally have so far signed our statement in support of…

Boston Review: Care Work in a Wageless World

By Global Women's Strike | 8th March 2022

As the planet burns and pandemics rage, Selma James’s work with the Wages for Housework movement shows that we ignore the labor of care at our own peril. Emily Callaci March 2, 2022 Sex, Race, and Class—The Perspective of Winning: A Selection of Writings 1952–2011Selma JamesCommon Notions and PM Press, $20 (paper) Our Time is…

URGENT! Tell Congress & the White House to Restore the #ChildTaxCredit Payments Now!

By Global Women's Strike | 6th March 2022

Children are suffering due to Senate inaction! ⚡ Twitterstorm Tuesday March 8, International Women’s Day ⚡ 11am-1pm PT / 2-4pm ETDefend the #ChildTaxCredit The #ChildTaxCredit in the Build Back Better plan helped more than 36 million families with children afford groceries and school supplies, pay bills and make ends meet. It lifted 3.7 million children…