International Women’s Day fundraiser for Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) in solidarity with Palestinian women and children

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This International Women’s Day, we stand with Palestinian women, children, and their families against the Israel/US genocide including bombing and starvation.

Fundraiser for Palestinian Women and Children

All proceeds to Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) who are organizing food & other direct support in Gaza.

Sunday March 10, 1 PM PDT / 4 PM EDT

Donate to MECA:
MECA website:

Called by Global Women’s Strike and Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike

Sponsored by: Alexandria House; Rev. Annie Chambers; Black Alliance for Just Immigration; Black Lives Matter/LA; Every Mother is a Working Mother Network; Haiti Action Committee; Indigenous Environmental Network; International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network; Katea Stitt, La Resistencia, Long Beach Area Peace Network; Los Angeles Baby Cooperative; Military Families Speak Out; Movement for Family Power; Orange County Peace Coalition; Payday men’s network; Peace, Justice, Sustainability NOW!; Pete White, Founder of LA CAN; Robin D. G. Kelley; San Pedro Neighbors for Peace & Justice; Social Welfare Action Alliance; Social Workers Ending Poverty Together; US PROStitutes Collective; Veterans for Peace Chapter 110; Veterans for Peace LA; We Stand Up for All; Welfare Warriors; Women’s March Foundation Los Angeles

Este Día Internacional de la Mujer, nosotras estamos en en solidaridad con mujeres, niñes y familias Palestinas en contra del genocidio llevado por Israel y EE.UU, incluyendo el bombardeo de Palestina y la hambruna causada.

Acto para Juntar Fondos En Apoyo de Mujeres y Niñes Palestinas/os.

Estamos juntando fondos para la organización Alianza del Medio Oriente para la Niñez (MECA). MECA está en Gaza directamente apoyando a la gente allá.

10 de Marzo 13:00 horas PT/ 16:00 horas ET