Mothers and grandmothers speak out on what losing the Child Tax Credit has meant for their families

“We’ll just be back in the poorhouse again, back where we started from. We will not get to go out on family outings. No snacks, no going out. No more Taco Tuesdays, no more movie night, no pizza night. I won’t get breaks. Less socks and shoes for the kids. The CTC was helping me catch up on my bills, but now I’m going to have to be starting all over again. Plus food prices went up, and food’s going up more. With the CTC being shut off, some people’s going to be hungry again. Five pounds of chicken wings is now $17.99. Toilet tissue’s doubled in price. It’s now 10 rolls for $10.99. Sodas were $2.98, to it’s now $6.99. That’s going to be a struggle because they ain’t upping your food stamps.”

Grandmother caring for 3 grandchildren in Philadelphia

I have a special needs son. Without the Child Tax Credit, some highly beneficial interventions that are not covered by his insurance will not be accessible, without which he will be disabled. I earn very low income due to caring for him, which is unpaid for, and I cannot afford paying for those interventions. My little girl’s chances of continuing with extra-curricular activities will be taken away. She goes to school online and I have to fill in the necessary activities for her total development. Without the Child Tax Credit I will be unable to give those essentials to my children.

Immigrant mother in Philadelphia

 “What it means is we’re really struggling again. What it means is I have to decide whether to fix my car to do my delivery job or to pay rent on time. It means my daughter’s glasses broke and I can’t afford to get her new ones until her insurance kicks in. We’re struggling over which bills to pay and which not to pay. My son now needs an urgent medical procedure done in Pittsburgh, two hours away, and I have to figure out how we’re going to get there and stay over a few days.”

Indigenous mother in Altoona PA

“Families here used the CTC for a lot more than food. It helped with child care, long coats and shoes for the winter, bus fare, helped them get cars fixed. Until he could fix his car, one father had to get up at 3am to get subway in order to get to work by 6.”

Rev. Annie Chambers, National Welfare Rights Union, Baltimore

“It sucks that if you have no money you can’t make money. I went through all this stuff to try to climb up. And then well, dang, I’m only one step away from being homeless again.”

Mother of 2 in Los Angeles.

Without CTC, after her old car died she has no money to get to her waged jobs. See Politico, Biden’s signature legislation expired. Recipients are wondering: WTF happened?

 “The CTC really had an impact on our quality of life, as a single mom of a young daughter, caring for two elderly parents, and fighting to regain custody of my two older children.” 

Immigrant mother, Philadelphia

(see video in English and Spanish)