Mothers’ Climate March, Sunday 12 May, 12 noon Hyde Park Corner – join us

We’re joining the Mothers’ Climate March because:

Rural mothers risk their lives to defensed  lands/forests/waters from agribusinesss/mega-dams/mining/fracking which are driving much of global heating.

Mothers are at the forefront of a global peasant movement which is taking on industrial agriculture to provide healthy food for all and re-green and cool the planet!

Breastfeeding is discouraged- – yet no food is healthier, more available and sustainable.

We must stop all wars and weapons production – they kill, maim, pollute, destroy and impoverish people, animals and the planet.

We must invest in caring for all life on earth, rather than killing which dooms the planet.

If mothers were paid for the caring and protective work we do, survival and wellbeing would be the priority.

We want green technology for all, South and North.

Participate with us in the ”Mums Marching for Climate Action” on Sunday 12 May, International Mothers’ Day, called by Mothers Rise Up (see below).

We can help make visible what mothers and other carers are facing internationally. The price women, the primary carers everywhere, are paying for climate change and the struggle we are making to halt it.

Please let us know if you are planning to come.