Mothers Manifesto outside Parliament today!

Dear friends

The Global Women’s Strike will be supporting the Mother’s Manifesto on Wednesday 13 December, 9.30-2pm, on their stall outside Parliament while some of them meet MPs inside. We hope you will join us there for all or some of the time.

Mother’s Manifesto are a group of mothers who have been campaigning for 18 months to raise awareness of family food poverty and insecurity, both in the UK and globally “with a focus on women and children as the disproportionate victims of current and ongoing food poverty”. See their full demands on their website. 

Their Manifesto says “In the run up to the 2024 General Election we urge every MP and all parties to pledge their support for the Mothers Manifesto and to stand in unity and solidarity with mothers who are unable to feed their children”. They are also asking people to contact their local MP to support their vital demands. They would appreciate your doing that. If you don’t know who your MP is, click here and enter your postcode.

We hope you will be able to attend their event or be in contact with them about their ongoing campaign. 

Kay Chapman