Selma James has been invited to speak at Refugee Week in Brighton & Hove Library

UK – Rwanda migration plan: What does it mean for the Refugee Convention?

About this event:

Activists, a thinker, and a newly arrived asylum seeker will address the questions, how does the UK in fact, treat forced migrants? Who really supports them? And what must be done? 

The United Kingdom is portrayed as one of the countries in the western world that is most fair, friendly, and welcoming to asylum seekers, refugees, and precarious migrants. However, reality has shown that various UK governments have records of being hostile toward asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants. 

The panellists are:

Selma James – Global Women’s Strike and Global Women Against Deportation.

Diana – a newly arrived Kenyan refugee

Dr. Jacob Berkson – Thousand for Thousand 

Refugee Week is a UK-wide festival that celebrates the contributions, creativity and resilience of refugees and people seeking sanctuary. Brighton & Hove Libraries are celebrating and raising awareness of Refugee Week with cultural events, topical discussions, and information sharing.

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