Members of Congress, President Biden and Vice President Harris:

We urge that Child Tax Credits go to mothers or other primary caregivers, leading to a permanent child cash benefit, and for the $15/hour minimum wage campaign promise to be honored.


Seventy percent of the poor in the US are women and children.1 After decades of women’s campaigning against the poverty of children and their mothers, we are encouraged that President Biden’s American Rescue Plan includes a fully refundable Child Tax Credit (CTC). The CTC would pay millions of families $3600 a year ($300/mo.) per child under six and $3000 a year ($250/mo.) per child six to 17, reducing (but shockingly not eliminating) deep poverty among children.2,3

We call on you to ensure that:

  1. The Child Tax Credit goes to the mother or other primary caregiver. This is the only assurance that children will benefit, and it begins to recognize and support the vital caring work mothers do. It will also help mothers to protect themselves and their children from domestic violence, which is widespread.4
  2. It leads to the establishment of a permanent child cash benefit.
  3. All primary caregivers are eligible, including those receiving benefits, or who have no income, or are homeless, or are undocumented ITIN filers.5
  4. It is easy to access for all families, especially those without bank accounts.
  5. It cannot be used to cut benefits or garnished to pay debts.
  6. The commitment of the Biden/Harris campaign to pass a $15/hour minimum wage is honored, especially but not only because 59% of low-waged workers are women, disproportionately single mothers and women of color.6


Issued by Care Income Now/Global Women’s Strike/Women of Color GWS
We campaign for payment for all caregivers, caring for people and for the planet that sustains us. During the 2020 US presidential election, we convened Election Action for Caregivers which pressed candidate – now president – Biden to support fully refundable and expanded child tax credits.  This is now included in the American Rescue Plan
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1 Legal Momentum, The Women’s Legal Defense and Education Fund, Women and Poverty in America.

2 Columbia University Center on Poverty and Social Policy, A Poverty Reduction Analysis of the American Family Act, Jan 25, 2021. They estimate that deep poverty would be reduced by 49% overall.

3 The Poor People’s Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival (PPC) challenges current poverty measures which undercount the numbers of poor people. The PPC estimates that even before the pandemic there were 140 million poor and low-wealth people in the US, including half of all children (38.5 million children), so the full impact of child tax credits on the number of children living in poverty is uncertain.

4 1 in 4 women suffer from domestic violence.

5 ITIN is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number issued to individuals required to have a taxpayer id number who are not eligible to obtain a Social Security number.

6 Economic Policy Institute, Why the U.S. needs a $15 minimum wage, Jan 26, 2021. Nearly two-thirds or 65% of mothers paid less than minimum wage in the US are single mothers. (Center for American Progress, Raising the Minimum Wage is Key to Supporting the Breadwinning Mothers Who Drive the Economy, Feb 23, 2021.) Among Black mothers in the low-waged workforce, 84% are sole or primary breadwinners. (National Women’s Law Center, When Hard Work is Not Enough: Women in Low Paid Jobs, April 2020.)  


Organizations who have signed on so far:

#MeToo Survivors, Los Angeles, CA
1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations
A New Way of Life Reentry Project, Compton, CA
Alexandria House, Los Angeles, CA
BeautyHealth2Wealth, Philadelphia, PA
California Poor Peoples Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival
Chiapas Support Committee, San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Community Impact Consulting, Philadelphia, PA
Empower Foundation, Thailand
End Solitary Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz, CA
Every Mother is a Working Mother Network
Faithful Fools, San Francisco, CA
Family and Home Network, Alexandria, VA
Family Prez Coalition, Philadelphia, PA
Florence Aliese Advancement Network, LLC, Los Angeles, CA
Germantown Friends Meeting Racial and Social Justice Ctte, Philadelphia, PA
Global Women’s Strike
Gray Panthers of Metropolitan Washington, Washington, DC
Guerilla Food Not Bombs
Haiti Action Committee
Hunger Action LA, Los Angeles, CA
Just Harvest, Pittsburgh, PA
LA CAN (Community Action Network), Los Angeles, CA
LARooted- Intergenerational Health and Resilience, Lincoln Heights, CA
Maafa SF Bay Area, Oakland, CA
Martin Luther King Coalition of Greater Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Migraines No Mo, Culver City, CA
Mothers Against Gun Violence, Milwaukee, WI
Mothers Outreach Network
Movement for Family Power
Multi-faith ACTION Coalition of Contra Costa County, CA
National Council of Negro Women Orange County Section
Old Women’s Project, San Diego, CA
Orange County Peace Coalition
Payday men’s network
Peace Action WI, Milwaukee, WI
Peace Builders of Orange County, Santa Ana, CA
Peacehome Campaigns, Philadelphia, PA
Philadelphia Neighborhood Networks, Philadelphia, PA
POWER, Economic Dignity Strategy Team, Pennsylvania
Precinct Reporter Group/Tri County Bulletin/Long Beach Leader
Preudhomme, Dunston and Associates, Brooklyn, NY
Progressive Democrats of America, Los Angeles, CA
Public Advocacy for Kids (PAK)
Shriver Center on Poverty Law, Chicago, IL
The Sidewalk Project, Los Angeles, CA
Thomas Merton Center, Pittsburgh, PA
Topanga Peace Alliance, Topanga, CA
US PROStitutes Collective
Veterans for Peace/LA, Los Angeles, CA
We All Rise, New York City, NY
Welfare Warriors, Milwaukee, WI
Western Regional Advocacy Project, San Francisco, CA
Women of Color/Global Women’s Strike
Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom, Milwaukee, WI
Women’s March Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
Women’s Economic Agenda Project, Oakland, CA
Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Santa Cruz, CA
Xicali products, Los Angeles, CA
Young Women’s Freedom Center, San Francisco, CA

And over 240 individuals.