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OUR TIME IS NOW: Sex, Race, Class, and Caring for People and Planet.

A Selection of Writings by Selma James: From Wages for Housework to a Care Income (1977-2020), Introduction Margaret Prescod, Editor Nina Lopez. 

PM Press, 2021.  £13.00

Selma James is a force of nature in the flesh and on the page. She fearlessly grapples with complex ideas but her writing remains crystal clear and compelling. Stop what you are doing and read her now!”  Maya Oppenheim, women’s correspondent, The Independent, UK. 

“When Selma James speaks, I listen. When she writes, I read. She has been a crucial part of my re-education for decades.” Benjamin Zephaniah, poet

SEX, RACE and CLASS: The Perspective of Winning 

A Selection of Writings, 1952-2011 Selma James   Foreword Marcus Rediker, Introduction Nina López   

PM Press, 2012.  £12 

“Selma James is a treasure . . . one of the key political thinkers and activists of our times.” Marcus Rediker, The Slave Ship.  

“It’s time to acknowledge James’s path-breaking analysis: from 1972 she re-interpreted the capitalist economy to show that it rests on the usually invisible unwaged caring work of women.” Dr. Peggy Antrobus, feminist, author.

“Intellectually ambitious attempt to synthesize Marxism, feminism, and post-colonialism . . .” Jenny Turner, London Review of Books

THE POINT IS TO CHANGE THE WORLD: Selected Writings of Andaiye

Ed. Alisa Trotz, Pluto Press, 2020.  £18

Radical activist, thinker, comrade of Walter Rodney, Andaiye was one of the Caribbean’s most important political voices. For the first time, her writings are published in one collection.

Through essays, letters and journal entries, Andaiye’s thinking on the intersections of gender, race, class and power are profoundly articulated, Caribbean histories emerge, and stories from a life lived at the barricades are revealed.

BLACK WOMEN BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME  Margaret Prescod and Norma Steele 

Falling Wall Press, 1986.  £6 

“For the first time in Britain, West Indian women spell out what it cost them to immigrate, why they came, and what they expect for the future.” Migration Today.  

“The public fight over immigration focuses on how much immigrants are given. It is not often stated how much immigrants have had to pay . . . Through books such as [this] the message will finally come home.” Caribbean & West Indian Chronicle

UJAMAA : The hidden story of Tanzania’s socialist villages Ralph Ibbott, Introduction Selma James

Crossroads Books, 2014.  £12 

The great 20th century movements for independence get little credit for what they achieved. Ujamaa tells the astonishing story of the socialism villagers built in rural Tanzania. They were inspired by, and in turn inspired, the extraordinary President Julius Nyerere and his policy of African socialism. This is Ralph Ibbott’s account of ujamaa as he lived it.

JAILHOUSE LAWYERS: Prisoners Defending Prisoners v the USA

Mumia Abu-Jamal 
Foreword Angela Y. Davis, Introduction Selma James  Crossroads Books, 2011.  £10

FROM DEATH ROW, award-winning journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal tells us about fellow prisoners who learn to use the law and the courts to win justice for themselves and other prisoners.

“This is the story of law learned,” he writes, “not in the ivory towers of multi-billion-dollar endowed universities [but] in the hidden, dank dungeons of America – the Prison-house of Nations.”