Statement: To united Families & Friends Campaign (UFFC) against all state violence.

-The consistent campaigning which you have led for decades for justice for family members
and loved ones has helped build the movement to hold UK police and establishment accountable for their crimes.
– Women of all races have joined people of colour demanding an end to the violence and injustice
we have suffered at the hands of the police, including rape and murder – in streets, police custody, courts, and prisons.
– The UFFC and global Black Lives Matter have put a spotlight on the police, increasing public awareness of the impact vicious sexism, racism and other illegality have on our lives and communities.
– At the same time, many of us have had to mobilise against greater police powers aimed at stopping any and all of us protesting injustice.
– This year, UFFC’s annual march comes at a perilous time. The people of Palestine are facing genocide in their own homeland by Israel backed by so-called Western leaders.
– Israeli police, military and security forces train and advise law enforcement around the world, advertising themselves as experts in surveillance, use of force and racial profiling. Israeli weapons and tactics have been “battle tested” on Palestinians for over seven decades. -Now the Home Office is pressing UK police to clamp down on the massive grassroots heartfelt support for Palestine, even visiting people’s homes demanding that we take down Palestinian flags.
– The death toll in Gaza of over 10,000 people, including at least 4,000 children and infants, increases by the hour, 70% are women and children.
– Homes, hospitals, schools, mosques, churches are being bombed, while a siege has been imposed depriving the whole population of water, food, electricity, fuel, medical supplies and everything needed for survival.
– There are parallels between what Palestinians are facing and what enslaved African people faced: the “master” had the power of life and death over slaves just like the Israeli military has over Palestinians.
– From this UFFC march we will be joining the march against genocide in Palestine.
– We say: mothers, daughters, sisters, wives fighting for our loved ones lives – in the UK and in Palestine. Stop the genocide – end the bombing now. Black lives matter! Palestinian lives matter! All children are our children! We grieve and demand justice for every one!