Global Womens Strike in Thailand 

GWS Thailand, the Community Women Human Rights Defenders Collective in Thailand, is comprised of grassroots women currently representing nineteen different sectors who are defending family, community and the environment.  These sectors include indigenous women, migrant and refugee women, disabled women,  urban women from the slums, rural women farmers and women from the conflict zone in the Deep South. Sex workers, garment workers, and those fighting against destruction of natural resources and the environment. They work to protect life, livelihoods and the natural world. The Collective demands a Care Income, and an end to poverty, inequality and State oppression in all forms.

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Recent News from GWS Thailand

Thailand: Open letter on Concern regarding seven migrant workers arrested at Ministry of Labour

By Global Women's Strike | 4th November 2021

Joint Open Letter 1/11/2021 Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-chaRoyal Thai GovernmentGovernment House1 Phitsanulok RoadDusit, BangkokThailand c.c. 1.           Minister of Labour 2.          Minister of Interior 3.         National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT) 4.         The UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants 5.           UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders 5.     …

Thailand: SPFT wins landmark verdict against the assassination attempt of one of its members

By Global Women's Strike | 27th August 2021

The Global Women’s Strike (GWS) and Women of Colour GWS welcome the guilty verdict against Somphon Chimrueng for the attempted assassination of Mr. Dam On-muang, a land rights defender from the Southern Peasant Federation of Thailand (SPFT).  This federation of collective farming communities has fought long and hard for justice and for an end to…

Thailand court verdict on attempted assassination of SPFT land rights defender Dam Onmuang, 26 Aug

By Global Women's Strike | 25th August 2021

Dear Friends,   Tomorrow, the Wiang Sa Provincial Court in Thailand will read the verdict on the accused of the attempted assassination of Dam Onmuang, member of the Southern Peasant Federation of Thailand (SPFT) and a land rights defender. He is the sixth land rights defender who has been a victim of assassination attempts, four…

Women and mothers of South Peasants Federation Thailand have said what a Care Income would mean to them as people who care for the family, the community, and the land.

By Global Women's Strike | 5th July 2021

A Care Income would mean: Economic liberation .. it would mean being independent from the men Now I have to manage to provide for everything on a tiny amount of money. Every single day I have to spend a lot of time thinking and planning how to manage. If I have a care income I…

Message From Argentina’s Madres Of Plaze De Mayo, Linea Fundadora

By Global Women's Strike | 6th May 2021

To our sisters the Mothers of Thailand: The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founder Line highly value the vigil that Mrs. Sureerat Chiwarak and other Mothers are keeping in front of the jail where their dear children are, whom we consider unjustly detained. They are accused of having violated “the law of lese majesty”, that…

Important Legal Victory for Land Rights Defenders of Thailand

By Global Women's Strike | 31st March 2021

The Southern Peasants’ Federation finally wins court case after eight years of deliberations and delays. See information here. To Southern Peasant Federation of Thailand from Global Women’s Strike Congratulations to you all on your path breaking victory in court after 13 years of struggle! We are delighted and greatly enjoyed the pictures of you outside…

Statement: International Women’s Day 2021

By Global Women's Strike | 8th March 2021

Global Women’s Strike & Women of Colour GWS – International Women’s Day 2021 CARING for PEOPLE and PLANET Against POVERTY and DICTATORSHIP Women (and men) in a number of countries are calling for a Care Income Now!, an income for all those – beginning with women, the first carers everywhere, and extending to all genders…

Statement: The Community Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) Collective in Thailand statement on International Women’s Day

By Global Women's Strike | 7th March 2021

We demand an end to State Violence and for a new government – the government we all deserve. The Community Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) Collective in Thailand statement on  International Women’s Day Over one hundred years ago when women in Russia, and in the US took to the streets, giving birth to International Women’s…

IWRAW Asia Pacific: ‘Wages For Caring Work’: An Exploration Of The Care Income Campaign

By Global Women's Strike | 3rd December 2020

In this interview, IWRAW Asia Pacific asks two activists based in Thailand about the concept of care income, its history in the women’s rights movement, and its role in building gender-just post-COVID-19 economies. Liz Hilton works with Empower Foundation, a sex-worker-led advocacy organisation in Chiang Mai, and Bee Pranom Somwong works at Protection Desk Thailand,…

Please act now to prevent another killing of land rights defenders in Thailand

By Global Women's Strike | 20th October 2020

Dear Friends, The mass movement in Thailand has been in the news, representing many grassroots sectors and struggles. Thank you for responding to their call to save the life of Mr. Lertsak Kumkongsak, an important contributor to the struggle for justice for decades​. He has continued to be active with the anti-mining movement despite death…