Transforming the World in Liverpool

Just back from Momentum’s The World Transformed. Very exciting being there with hundreds in the hall at Black-E when the result of the leadership election was shown live on a big screen. There was an elated and triumphant roar from the crowd as Jeremy’s 62% landslide with an increased majority was announced. And this despite tens of thousands of votes stolen by underhand rules which denied so many their right to vote, and by thousands of suspensions with little or no explanation which are still to be resolved. How much higher would the vote had been if everyone who wanted to had been able to vote: 70%, 80%?

Lots of sessions and discussions, including three the Global Women’s Strike was involved in organising:

We should all be feminists.

Sex, Race, Nation…& Class. What divides us? What can unite us?

Building a new movement from a grassroots women’s perspective