Video: Rev. Barber Poor People’s Campaign sermon after coup attempt

Global Women’s Strike and Women of Colour in the Global Women’s Strike in the US are National partners of the Poor People’s Campaign.

Watch here:

“If you really want to do something, transform our politics from control by the corporations to CARING for the least of us. That’s what real repentance would look like. And you gotta do that while you’re hurting. You gotta do it before you come all the way out of the wilderness… you can’t come out of the wilderness feeling the same way you feel before you went in the wilderness. Right now while the nation is hurting! Pass healthcare for everybody…  When we see things out in the open, no longer covered by the dirt of our hypocrisy… when the lie, the meanness is in the open — that’s a sign that the axe is at the root…there’s a time when God has to cut some stuff off at the root…”