Women’s organisations internationally must support women in Myanmar

90% of garment workers in Myanmar are women, the primary carers of children and others. Their unions are calling for fashion brands to act urgently and cease all production in Myanmar to weaken the military dictatorship and force it to step down.

Over 170 organisations internationally have so far signed our statement in support of the unions’ call. But we need more women’s organisations to sign.

Since the military coup on February 1st 2021, thousands of garment workers have been on strike. The army and police have responded to the peaceful protests with deadly force, including shooting live rounds into the crowds. Thousands of people have been killed by the military and police in the past year. Thousands more have been detained, raped and tortured in other ways while in custody. Women trade union leaders and workers from the garment industry are among those killed and arrested. 

We appeal to women’s organisations to support our sisters in Myanmar. Please sign our statement for companies to withdraw to increase the pressure on the military dictatorship to step down.

Read the statementhttps://myanmarmilitaryneverinfashion.org/read-the-statement/  and sign here https://myanmarmilitaryneverinfashion.org/contact/