Work of Carers Sorely Needed

An article on the struggle to care in the face of austerity, written by Becka Seglow Hudson of the Global Women’s Strike was responded to last week in a letter, penned by care assistant in an elderly people’s home, Kate Thompson.

”I see examples of excellent care, small acts of kindness, compassionate treatment of those we look after. I am proud of what we do, proud of my colleagues”

Thompson  goes on to say:

“Socially sanctioned self-interest is at the heart of much of what we find so unacceptable […] If you agree, find others that feel the same and join the fightback”

In a conversation with Becka Seglow Hudson, Kate Thompson described the range and complexity of skills care assistants use every day with those in their work. She explained that such vital, highly skilled work should not go so poorly paid and undermined.