Petition: Release organiser Nodeep Kaur from jail

We join Citizens for Justice & Peace in India to urge you to please sign this petition & share it widely

Petition: Release Dalit Trade Union Activist Nodeep Kaur

On 12 January, organiser and factory worker, Ms Kaur, with other Kundli Industrial Area factory workers, was participating in the farmers’ protest near the Singhu border when she was snatched by police.

Ms Kaur was denied bail and sexually assaulted in Karnal jail, where she remains.

Ms Kaur speaks powerfully on how factory workers and agricultural workers, especially if they are women, face similar problems: exploitation, low wages often withheld, sexual violence, poverty and loss of livelihood by corporate takeovers. See her excellent six-minute interview here.

Millions of farmers have been on strike for months demanding the repeal of the Three Farm Laws, which would starve millions by taking farmers’ land for corporations (including Monsanto) and ending the subsidies on the basic crops on which the whole population depends for survival.

Ms Kaur’s sister is campaigning for her release, along with Citizens for Justice & Peace.

They urge you to sign the petition and to also write to the Karnal jail authorities protesting the atrocities against Ms Kaur:

Amit Kumar, Superintendent
District Jail, Karnal
Mustafabad, Karnal,
Haryana – 132036

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